UKCEF was founded on 23rd June 2005 in Manchester. In order to achieve our goal of sponsoring local Chinese schools, we organise fund raising events every year. During the past five years, we have received generous amount of funds from different sectors of enterprises and corporates such as Lee Kum Kee Group and Wing Wah Catering Group. Their funding were distributed to many Chinese schools during an annual event held in Preston, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. This annual gathering is also acted as a platform where teachers, headmasters and school representatives from all over the UK to meet and to discuss their view in teaching. 

The year of 2010 has marked our 5th anniversary, and we were also formally registered as a charity in the same year. To celebrate the success of our charity, we have published a special Anniversary Edition which shows a collection of celebration messages from different groups of institutions and authorities in the UK and China such as the Buckingham Palace, the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China and councillors from different UK councils.

We aim at keeping our mission strongly in place and to continue our support to local Chinese schools and community in the future.

United Kingdom Chinese Education Foundation

Welcome to the United Kingdom Chinese Education Foundation!


UKCEF is a registered charity and aims at developing Chinese education in the UK.


Chinese is one of the most popular languages in the world, being a member of the Chinese community, we are pledged to exalt our culture and encourage the next generation to learn more about their rich tradition and language.


In the UK, most of the Chinese educational institutions are set up by groups of volunteers, who contribute their time and effort to bring our language to the young generation and assist them to learn, write, read and speak their mother tongue.


Our Vision is to provide financial support to the local Chinese community and make sure that young people in our community can access to their local community centres/Chinese schools where they can learn and professes the skills of using Chinese language.


We believe that by giving financial support to the local Chinese schools, it will help them to maintain and operate the running of their educational works and provide an area where young people can meet and exchange their experience in learning Chinese. 


英 國 華 文 教 育 基 金 會

UKCEF is supervised by five trustees and they are the main persons to manage and supervise the charity’s operation. 


President – Mr Raymond W. B. Chung

Chairman – Mr Harry Yeung M.B.E

Supervisory President – Mr K M Shum

Chief Secretary – Mr Bobby Wong

Vice President – Mr Kwok Keung Wong


Charity Number: 1138961